Dessert Recipes

Sunfresh Jams have many uses beyond the breakfast table. One way to add flavor and color to an otherwise basic dessert is with a little Sunfresh on top. Some examples of this are below.

Sunfresh Strawberry Sundae
makes 1 sundae


1-2 scoops vanilla icecream
2 tsp Sunfresh Strawberry Freezerves


Place ice cream to bowl or sundae glass. Add Sunfresh fruit topping and mint or other garnish. Serve immediately.

Sunfresh Yogurt & Nuts with Apricot Layers
makes one breakfast or dessert treat

1 service of plain yogurt
3/4 cup granola or mixed nuts
4 tablespoons Apricot Freezerves


Start with an empty clear glass. Fill with alternating layers of Sunfresh Apricot, nuts, and yogurt. Top with mint or other garnish and serve immediately.