Storage & Handling

Freezerves are an all natural uncooked fresh fruit product. Unlike conventional jams that are boiled and lose most of their natural flavor and nutrients, Freezerves give you the benefit of fresh jam whenever you need it. By following the instructions below your Freezerves will last up to 1 year in the freezer and around four months in the fridge!

Handling Instructions

Always be sure to store your daily use Freezerves in the fridge for easy access. Before opening or if you intend to use additional supplies later, store them in the freezer. If your Freezerves have thawed in shipping, don't be alarmed, just place them in the freezer overnight.

Stirring your Freezerves is not necessary!

In the manufacturing process the jam is well combined so there is no need to stir it. If you do stir, it will break down the natural pectin we use and the jam will become syrupy. Not to worry, you can still use it on pancakes, ice cream, or cheescake as a topping.