Customer Reviews

I have been steering clients to Sunfresh FREEZERVES® for years. Whenever a client needs a delicious breakfast jam or berry sauce, I always recommend FREEZERVES®.

- Kathy Casey, Owner, Kathy Casey Food Studios

Because Alaska Airlines is based in the Northwest, it is important to us that we offer our passengers the finest regionally manufactured specialty foods available. We are proud to serve Sunfresh FREEZERVES®, jams and sauces. We serve FREEZERVES® in our First Class cabin throughout the Pacific Northwest region because they deliver the freshness and delightful qualities of regional fruit. Since berries are so closely associated with this region, what could be more "Northwest" than serving FREEZERVES® ?

- Andrea Olsen, Inflight Food Service Menu Coordinator, Alaska Airlines

I think FREEZERVES® are great! Back in the 70's we made our own freezer jams and sold them from our stall at the Pike Place Market, so I know a good freezer jam when I taste it.

- Gene Kahn, CEO, Cascadian Farm Quality Organic Foods

Over the years I have been to countless food shows and had the opportunity to sample thousands of products. Once in a very great while I will come across a product that is so good it stands above the rest. And so it is with Sunfresh FREEZERVES®! It is little wonder why so many discerning restaurants throughout the country have switched to FREEZERVES®.

- NW Hospitality News, March 2000