Sunfresh Foods, Inc.: How It All Began

Sunfresh Foods, Inc began with the dream of bringing the incredible flavor of all natural "Freezer Jam" to the public. Unlike most store-bought jams and preserves, this method of making jam requires no cooking and captures the taste of fresh fruit, retaining the vitamins and enzymes that occur naturally. Before Sunfresh Freezerves, freezer jams were only available from the kitchens of Momma Bee, Aunt Karen Jean or Grandma.

We created our first batch of Sunfresh freezer jam on July 4th, 1986, with an investment of $1,000 in fresh raspberries, sugar, pectin and plastic food containers. The original home-designed labels were made using niece Kela's crayons. In the commercial kitchen of our neighborhood Masonic Temple (which we rented for $10 a day), we continued to grow the business.

The next four to five years, the Sunfresh Team spent time marketing, sampling, developing recipes, producing and packaging jam. Reed delivered the delicious products to restaurants and grocery stores around the Pacific Northwest, while sister Jill worked with restaurant chefs to determine how much jam they needed for the week ahead.

In the early 1990s, word of Sunfresh's great product began to spread, (no pun intended) to the foodservice and grocery industry. Sunfresh began manufacturing and distributing Freezerves® to consumers as diverse as families (through mail order), local restaurants, supermarkets, large foodservice distributors such as Sysco Foodservice, Food Services of America, US Foodservice, etc, local and regional distributors, and retail stores such as QFC, Metropolitan Markets, Whole Foods, Thriftways and selected Albertsons and Haggens. Look for our 16-ounce tub in their frozen food departments.

Today Sunfresh is still owned and manufactured in Seattle, Washington by an original founder, Reed Hadley, owner and President.

Hard work and customers like you have made Sunfresh Freezerves® the leader in freezer jams. Thanks to you, "We be Jammin"!

Best Regards,

Reed Hadley, "Jam Czar"